Um, what’s a local chapter?

First, it’s an opportunity to organize, lead and have fun with friends. Second, a Read Indeed chapter is a group of people who share in our mission of making the world a better place, one book at a time.

Chapter members work collaboratively together and with Read Indeed to advance the mission by collecting books, fundraising, and spreading the love of reading in their own community.

Getting Started

Sounds Cool, Where Do I Start?

All you need to start a Read Indeed chapter is one friend who loves to read as much as you do. Better yet, two friends!

Next, think of ways to encourage more people to join you. For example, you and your two friends could each enlist three friends from other schools. Doing the math, that makes nine more for a total of 12 people.

And if those nine people each enlist three more friends? You and your two friends have recruited 36 people for a total of 39 chapter members. You get the idea—it’s easy to grow your chapter and spread the word about Read Indeed.

Tell Us About Your Chapter

Reach out to to tell us about yourself and your local chapter so we can celebrate you and thank you on social media.

Taking Action

How To Get Your Chapter Involved

A “Book and a Buck” drive is a great way to collect books and raise funds together.

Set your goals. How many books do you want to collect? (500, 1000, and 2,500 are good benchmarks.) How many dollars do you want to raise? ($2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 are good benchmarks.)

Identify a local school or organization that needs your support. Find more ideas in our Book Drive FAQ list.

Pick a date. You might want to create your own event, hold your drive during a wider school event (like a school fair or homecoming), or pick an existing community event (like Global Youth Service Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). Think big!

Brainstorm ways to spread the word. See our Book Drive Steps for Success.

Sharing Your Chapter’s Success

Reflect On Your Results

  • Measure your outcomes: How many books did you collect? How many dollars did you raise? How many children did you help?
  • What was a success? What would you like to improve on for your next event?

Share with Read Indeed Global Headquarters

Time to Celebrate!

  • You stepped up to help kids in your community in immeasurable ways
  • Be sure to thank your team and everyone that helps make your chapter a success