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How to Create Your Own Book Drive

You and your team or group can make a difference in your own community with these simple ideas.

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How to Start Your Own Chapter

Organize and lead your own local chapter of Read Indeed. It’s a fun way to learn leadership skills while helping kids in need.

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How to Encourage Kids to Read

Reading is a gift that truly keeps on giving. And for many kids, the love of reading begins when you read aloud to them.

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Collecting books for over a decade taught us a lot about the localized need for books and the challenges of storing large quantities of used books. As Read Indeed transitions to focusing on raising funds for the purchase of new books, we encourage you to connect with your local community to identify schools and organizations in need of your used books.

Local Schools In Need

Go to the Department of Education website for your county, or one in your area. Look for schools that show a need for books. Schools with a need may:

  • Serve free and reduced lunch to at least 75% of students
  • Report low scores on standardized testing
  • Have a high High School drop-out rate

Once you’ve identified a school in need, contact the school Principal to set up a drop off time—nearly all schools are appreciative of receiving books.

Local Organizations In Need

Reach out to food shelves, after-school programs for at-risk kids, and homeless shelters where the need has already been identified.