Oh, the things you’ll read.

Reading aloud to a child is essential for their development. Studies show that children who read often (or are frequently read to) have higher self-esteem, better relationships with parents and guardians, and a more positive attitude towards school.

A Simple Guide for Success

Make Reading a Habit

  • Try to read together for at least 15 minutes a day
  • Let kids pick the books, and be sure to re-read their favorites

Give Kids a Chance to Practice

  • If the child is old enough, take turns reading aloud
  • Read slowly and pronounce the words clearly
  • Practice patience while your child is reading to you, and give them lots of praise
  • Let children touch the books, turn the pages, and discover the pictures

Make It Engaging

  • Give children your full attention when reading together
  • Who doesn’t love a dramatic reading? Give different voices to different characters to really tell the story
  • Ask your reading buddies lots of questions about the book and comment on the text

Set a Great Example

  • You can model enthusiasm for reading by being engaged and excited about it
  • When kids see you reading, they will also want to read