Start A Local Read Indeed Chapter
How-To Chapter Kit
Step 1: Make a commitment to join Maria's team
Step 2: Become an expert
• Review the basic marketing materials about Read Indeed
Step 3: Build your team
• Build a team of 3: You and two of your friends
• Build a team of 12: In your school, create a team of 3 people. Together, can the three of
you enlist 3 other schools? Can each school involve 3 students?
4 schools x 3 people = Team of 12

• Build a team of 25: In your school, create a team of 5 people. Together can the five 
of you enlist 4 other schools? Can each school involve 5 students?
5 schools x 5 people = Team of 25
• Build a team of 100: In your school, create a team of 10 people. Together, can the 10
of you enlist 9 other schools? Can each school involve 10 students?
10 x 10 people = Team of 100
Step 4: Set Your Local Goals
• How many books? 500, 1000, 2,500, 2,500+
• How many dollars raised? $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $10,000+
• Communicate goals to Read Indeed headquarters
Step 5: Identify one existing local organization that distributes books to kids in need

Step 6: Run a "Book and a Buck" Drive: Everyone brings in books and money
• In your school
• Within an existing school community event (ex. school fair, homecoming events,
spirit week, etc.)
• With an existing community event (ex. Global Youth Service Day, MLK Jr. Day,
Sept 11th Service Day)
• Any other idea you have! Think Big! Yes I Can! Get Started!
Step 7: Fundraising: Select Your $ Goal
• Pick your goal: $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $10,000+
Step 8: Two Media Events: One Fall, One Spring
• First Media Event: Host annual announcement (kickoff & annual progress report)
• Second Media Event: Pitch any human interest story
Step 9: Measuring Outcomes & Sharing Results
• Measuring outcomes: How many books? How many dollars? How many children helped?
• Share results with Read Indeed headquarters
Step 10: Annual Reflection and Celebration
• What worked? What didn't?
• Connect with Read Indeed headquarters: Send money, book counts, photos.
• Share and learn best practices. Plan for the upcoming year.
• Celebrate your team and thank them.