Request Books
Distributing books is the heart of Read Indeed, and we are here to help.

If live outside the Minneapolis, Minnesota area please consider finding a group to Organize a Book Drive in your community. Shipping books is our biggest expense, and therefore to maximize donated funds we encourage Community Focused Book Drives. Tips for finding an organization in your area to host a drive. 

If you live near Minneapolis, Minnesota or are unable to Organize a Book Drive in your community, please complete the form below to request books. Maria personally reviews each request, and will send you an email shortly letting you know if we can help. 

Tips for Finding an Organization in your Area to Host a Book Drive

Send emails to the following groups asking if they would be willing to host a Book Drive for your organization, on behalf of Read Indeed. 
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Churches
  • Schools in high income neighborhoods
  • Service organizations
  • Businesses (e.g., grocery stores)

Email Example

Greetings! My name is (your name), and I am the (role) of (organization). I am looking for a group to organize a Book Drive for our organization. 

(Tell the reader about your organization. How many children do you serve? What are your needs? Where are you located? What would you do with the books?)

Read Indeed is a nonprofit organization that distributes books to needy children. It was started by Maria Keller, a young woman, who loves reading. Read Indeed has many tools to help facilitate a successful Book Drive and they would help you with the Drive. You can learn more at

Thank you for your consideration, 
(sign your name)