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About Read Indeed

Read indeed is a 501c3 nonprofit literacy organization founded in 2009. Since its inception, Read Indeed had collected and distributed more than 3 million books to kids in need. Originally founded by 8-year-old Maria Keller, today Read Indeed is orchestrated by brother-sister duo of Ryan & Maria. While Ryan oversees and manages the daily efforts of collecting and distributing books, Maria works with Read Indeed's board of directors in enhancing and growing her original mission and vision of collecting books for children in need.

TO REQUEST BOOKS FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION:  Read Indeed is excited to announce that we are initiating our new book distribution program! After 11 years of distributing books primarily via the Read Indeed warehouse, we are now donating BRAND NEW books directly to recipient schools and organizations! Read Indeed is able to purchase books for $1 each, so we will be purchasing books for approved recipients and shipping them directly to the schools/organizations. To be considered to receive books, please email Read Indeed a Letter of Intent, describing your school or organization, grade level required, the number of books needed and how the books will be distributed to the children. Letters of Intent need to be emailed to readindeedforkids@gmail.com and must be on a school or organization's letterhead. Shipping of new books will be taking place on a rolling basis.

There are many ways to get involved with Read Indeed. Click on one of the links below to learn more.